How to Use Digital Signage in Manufacturing to Reduce Accidents

Keeping workers safe is a big deal for employers. This is especially true in places like factories and manufacturing lines. To make sure workers are safe, employers work to find new methods. Using digital signage is an excellent choice. It helps in explaining safety guidelines and preventing accidents. By using Industrial visual communication with digital signage software, safety can get a big upgrade. This includes sharing important info and alerting people about dangers.

Key Takeaways

  • Digital signage makes industrial visual communication better, making manufacturing safer.
  • Using digital signage content strategies shares safety info and updates while reminding of rules.
  • Lean manufacturing visual management and smart factory digital signage solutions increase productivity and put safety first.
  • Visual workplace organization and digital safety notifications lower accident risks in risky places.
  • Showing real-time manufacturing data on digital signs helps everyone see safety progress.

The Importance of Safety in Manufacturing

Worker safety is very important in manufacturing. The work areas can be very dangerous. In 2023, the world might see 160 million workplace deaths. In the U.S., 14 workers get hurt per second.

About 300 Americans are hurt by falling, slipping, or tripping every day. It shows why keeping workers safe is key. Employers should try hard to stop accidents.

Workplace Fatalities and Injuries Statistics

Numbers like these push companies to focus on safety. Making sure workers are safe is the right thing to do. It is also a must by law, thanks to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA’s Limitations in Ensuring Compliance

But, OSHA can’t check every work site quickly. It might take them decades to look at every place. This shows we need to do more for safety than just wait for OSHA to visit.

Workplace Fatalities Globally (Predicted 2023)Worker Injuries per Second in the USUS Workers Injured by Falling, Slipping, or Tripping per Day
160 million14300

Using things like digital signage can make factories safer. This tool helps share important safety news. It can also warn about emergencies.

Digital signs get workers involved in staying safe. They can help reduce the dangers of working in manufacturing.

How Digital Signage Enhances Safety in Manufacturing

Workers must know about dangers at work and how to stay safe. Digital signage keeps them up-to-date easily. It shares instant updates on workplace conditions, safety tips, and new policy changes.

Reminding Employees of Safety Rules and Conduct

Digital signs help remind staff of safety rules. They show reminders like wearing the right personal protection equipment and taking breaks. These reminders help prevent accidents.

Broadcasting Emergency Alerts Efficiently

Digital signage also plays a big part in spreading broadcast emergency alerts quickly. While sounds can work well, digital signs ensure everyone sees the message. This extra effort keeps everyone safer.

Boosting Employee Engagement with Safety Initiatives

Using digital signage for safety involves making messages that engage. For example, it can show how many days have gone by without an accident. It can also share interesting safety statistics. These help keep safety in everyone’s mind.

Other Benefits of Digital Signage in Manufacturing

Digital signage boosts safety in factories, which is super important. But there’s more to it. It also helps increase productivity, improves how well people communicate, and gets employees more involved.

Improving Productivity and Efficiency

Digital signs set goals and highlight top workers. They cheer everyone on to work their best. This makes the team more efficient and the factory run smoother.

Enhancing Employee Communication and Engagement

Digital signs don’t just show safety alerts. They also share news, plan checks, and other updates. This info can help workers see the ‘big picture’.

Employees learn about what’s happening in the factory, even if it’s not their job directly. Knowing more makes people feel more part of the team. This can make them work harder and better.

Key Benefits of Digital Signage in ManufacturingDescription
Increased Productivity and EfficiencySigns remind workers of goals, celebrate top staff, and help keep everyone working hard.
Enhanced Employee CommunicationThey spread important news and notices to everyone in an effective way.
Improved Employee EngagementShowing the wider factory processes can get workers more involved and caring about their work.
Reduced Workplace AccidentsDigital signs cut down on accidents by alerting workers to safety issues.
Real-time Data VisualizationThey show live factory data to help everyone make better, data-focused decisions.

Challenges in Ensuring Safety in Manufacturing

Keeping workers safe in manufacturing is hard. This field works with dangerous stuff like chemicals and big machines. This makes it easier to get hurt at work compared to other jobs.

Hazardous Work Environment

Factories can be very dangerous places. Workers may breathe in bad air, face dangerous gases, or hurt themselves on equipment. These accidents can cause bad injuries and stop the work.

High Costs of Workplace Incidents

When someone gets hurt at work, it costs a lot. Companies in America spend over $170 billion each year on these problems. This money goes to things like hospital bills and making up for lost work time.

Communication Gaps with Non-Desk Employees

Not all workers in manufacturing sit at desks. There are people always on the move, like field techs and salespeople. It’s hard to make sure everyone knows how to stay safe. Making sure they all get the safety messages is very important.

Using Digital Signage to Reach Hard-to-Catch Employees

In the manufacturing industry, workers are often busy or always moving. They might miss important safety updates. But, digital signs help make sure everyone gets those crucial details. This new solution is a big help.


Some workers are always moving, going to different parts of the company. They might miss safety updates. Digital signs placed all around can show clear, eye-catching messages. These catch the eye of on-the-go workers. So, even fast-moving workers can get key safety details.

Time-Starved Workers

Workers in manufacturing are very busy. They don’t have time to check emails or news. Digital signs save the day by placing key safety messages right where these busy workers are. This way, safety news is easy to see and remember, even when they’re rushing.

Information Avoiders

Some workers choose to avoid extra information, especially if it seems not their direct job. Digital signs are great for reaching these folks, too. They provide quick and easy safety updates. This makes it easy for everyone to stay safety-aware.

As Rexel’s WMS Tactical Board Manager, Thomas GrĂ¼ner, said, “Probably the best thing is that when employees walk across the warehouse, they simply can’t avoid seeing those reports. This has absolutely had a huge effect on our productivity and the quality of our work!”


Digital signage helps workers by making work safer. It fixes two big issues for people who don’t sit at a desk. One is it makes talking about work happen faster, for everyone. It’s the main way certain workers learn new things.

White-collar workers also get to see some of the same news on digital signs. It keeps everyone in the loop. This tech also makes it easier to know what’s going on with work. This helps businesses work smarter in making things, building, moving stuff, and in offices.

Digital screens offer lots of good points in making work safer and better. They share news and announcements that make workers feel part of the team. Seeing goals and progress together also helps people work better as a group.

Watching important work info in real time helps make less mistakes. It makes things more clear and correct. The best part of digital signs in work is they make work areas less risky. This means fewer accidents and better safety. This also helps bring up the quality and speed of making things.

When there are fewer accidents, companies save money. They keep their workers happy and want to stay. This makes them a top player in what they do. Using digital signs can level up how safe and good a company is. This is especially true in making things safely and well.


What are the key benefits of using digital signage in manufacturing to improve safety?

Digital signage helps make factories safer. It does this by:

– Sharing safety news fast with workers

– Notifying staff about safety rules and how to do things safely

– Sending out emergency alerts quickly to everyone

– Making safety more fun and getting employees involved

How can digital signage help address communication gaps with non-desk employees in manufacturing?

It speaks to workers who don’t sit at a desk in a few ways:

– It’s the main way to talk to employees always moving around

– Reaches people who have no time for checking emails

– Makes it simple for everyone to see important safety tips

What other advantages can digital signage offer in a manufacturing environment beyond safety?

It can do more than just keep us safe at work. Other good things it does are:

– Makes sure we stay on track and cheers the best workers on

– Shares news important to our job, making us feel more involved

– Lets us know how production is going and if machines are working right

What are some of the key challenges in ensuring safety in manufacturing that digital signage can help address?

Factories face big safety worries, like:

– Places with lots of big machines, chemicals, and risky materials

– Big money lost when accidents happen, plus time off and fixing broken gear

– Not being able to talk well with workers who move a lot or avoid safety news

How can digital signage help reach hard-to-catch manufacturing employees with safety information?

This tech is great at talking to those not at a desk, like:

– People who walk a lot during work

– Busy folks who can’t stop to find out safety news

– Those who usually look away when they see safety tips