Digital Signage and Digital Sandwich Boards

A Digital Sandwich Board is the perfect answer for businesses who need to create multiple display panels that can be easily and quickly moved around as comment by Metroclick. This new hardware can be used in any size area and will be perfect for any retail, restaurant or business. The flexible digital display can be easily adjustable in height to create a wide variety of convenient display areas that will showcase your products or services for the greatest effect. The convenience of having multiple panels that can be easily moved around will save time and money while creating an attractive display for your customers.

digital sandwich board

A DESIGN digital sandwich board has been designed to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. This design offers multiple uses that include a full range of high-tech components that offer exceptional performance. It is extremely durable, lightweight, and long lasting. Storage space will never be a problem when utilizing this hardware. The Digital Sandwich Board can appear stunning in any location.

When it comes to the power and longevity of the display, this new technology surpasses even the best battery life available on the market today. These lockable castor wheels are made to withstand extreme working conditions. They are made out of heavy duty, industrial-grade steel, and are available in black. This durable combination allows the digital sandwich board components operate at maximum efficiency and keep your shop clean and organized.

The durability and long battery life provide even more value. The lockable castor wheels provide easy storage and transportation. The durable plastic frame can be displayed on any number of different venues. If you want your digital signage to serve many functions, the lockable castor wheels are perfect for the job.

When it comes to color, there are a few pre-selected pre-set colors to choose from. The standard color is black, but you may also select orange, red, blue, green, and yellow. You can also make your own colors selection. The standard color of a-frame digital signage is 1920 x 1080, but if you need a lower resolution, you can select either low contrast or high definition.

The locking system is an integral part of this digital sandwich board. The locking mechanisms include lockable key-operated locks, electronic key pad locks, and magnetic locks. These features provide a strong, safe, and convenient way to protect your digital a-frame or any other signage. Your key-operated locks allow you to operate all controls from your keypad. The electronic key pad locks and magnetic locks provide easy access to your digital signage and enhance your security measures.

There is one more feature that some digital signage shops might want to consider. That feature is battery life. Most shop owners realize the value of their battery life. With a long-term battery life, your digital signage or sandwich boards will be able to provide you with clear pictures and videos, even throughout your busiest day. In addition to a long-term battery life, many shop owners like the convenience of having their sign stands, displays, and computer equipment readily available.

Most importantly, shop owners want their digital signage or sandwich boards to be functional and easy to use. This means choosing a company that has a reputation for providing excellent technical support. For this kind of support, shop owners are advised to seek a company that has been in business for at least five years. A long-standing digital signage or sandwich board company is one that is recognized and respected. By seeking a reputable company with an excellent reputation, shop owners can ensure that they are provided with the best technology, high quality products, and unparalleled customer service.