20 Reasons To Use Digital Signage in Retail in Texas

For a long time, small and medium retail business in Texas have been facing challenges in terms of competition with well-established businesses.

The established businesses have existing cashflow, customers and processes. The new retail startups will likely lack these 3 important elements. So how can they gain an edge and make their way into their retail market?

With the advent of digital signage technology thanks to innovative digital signage companies like Metroclick, many retail companies in Texas can now easily attract customers and increase sales at a lessor cost.

Digital signage offer automation in marketing and operation in place of real human staff.  These type of self-service kiosk or signage can now talk and serve more people with lessor costs and invest more money into marketing and client acquisitions. Digital signage also help cut down the retail space and rental costs.

Big size signage can display all your goods without the limiting physical space and give the customers an alternative and almost unlimited shopping experiences.

Below are more benefits of digital signage to retail companies in Texas:

1. Dynamic signage display attracts customers attention

Digital sign in Texas uses high resolution screens and newer dynamics to draw and engage viewers. They can be big and really eye-captivating with animations. The usage of beautiful colours and dynamic display will attract any consumer’s attention.

2. Less work, less time and more satisfaction working with digital signage companies

Digital signage from reputable digital signage companies provides a kiosk platform where customer service can be fully automated. The process of answering any questions are automated on the screen, reducing the burden and time delay of waiting and answering questions. Customers do not have to wait for any sales personnel and can get almost any information they need about the products and availability.

3. Customise your digital signage software for any customers

No matter which background and culture the customers are from, you can fit in any customised information into the digital signage to help the customers to understand your messages as long their proprietary digital signage software supports customization. The customer can entertain themselves with a button of a click. You can use any type of  visual and medium to transmit your company in Texas or products’ message while entertaining them.

4. Sales is improved through Communication

The use of digital signage in Texas ensures an effective flow of information between the customers, the products and the company.  Communication is vital to improve sales and also the daily operation of a business.

You can only sell your products or serve your customers through good and proper communication. The digital sign ensure that your message is congruent throughout the day without any human error due to mistakes or tiredness.

5. Your automated sales-people is compatible with different media

Digital signage in Texas can work with any media around the world. Your customer can be exposed to a wide range of media for example videos, images, audios, photos and etc to improve your message.

Different medias help to hold potential customers attention and educate them to your products for better conversion.

6. Digital Signage in Texas works 24 hours and reduces administrative cost

A single digital signage can easily manage a business, therefore, reducing cost. For instance, if your own 5 retail shops you can efficiently manage them from a central point. However, purchase and installation of digital signage is a bit expensive, but it saves money in the long run or you can rent them. You can also opt for digital signage rental which can be cheaper in the short term but expensive in the long term. The latter option is great if you are organising once-a-year event and are unsure of purchasing additional hardwares.

7. Testing, launch any marketing strategy using your signages and get report instantaneously

Once you have your digital signages installed across your retail shops, you can easily test any marketing strategies you want. Your report will be instantaneous from the interaction from the customers . Your report will tell you how engaging the messages are from their clicks and  interaction behaviour, how much sales did those ads make you in Texas and etc.

By the click of a button, you can easily test marketing ads and change it if it doesn’t meet your standards.

8. Digital Signs offer an automated marketing platform through social medias

Digital signage can be used to deliver marketing content online  across different social media platforms. Let your customers post their latest purchase and experiences right in the shop. They can choose their favorite social media to post to. This allows your company in Texas to gain access to different marketing platforms without additional costs and work.

9. Automated digital signages or sales people automatically increase sales

With the adoption of different marketing strategies, platforms and offering a full-interactive sales experience through the efficient and flexible customized digital signages, your retail organisation will automatically see the sales going up.

Your company in Texas can now control the entire sales process from
1. your prospects walking in
2. looking at the products
3. Finding their preferences
4. Asking questions
5. Looking at reviews and opinions
6. Loyalty points
7. Buying without queuing
8. Sharing their purchases

The entire sales process through signages or a retail kiosk increases your retail profits not only by sales but through managing costs by cutting queue delays, manpower, automating process and also improving staff and customers experiences.

10. Staff morale in Texas are increased by replacing their work with automated signages

Using signages in Texas to work 24/7 on all the repetitive processes, the staff can channel their energy on more profitable work.

All the previous repetitious chores can be replaced with these automated machines. Your staff can be empowered with personal responsibilities like serving your vip customers with higher purchases.

Your staff can earn more commission while generating more income for your company and giving your vip customers a better overall experience. A win-win-win situation for 3 parties.

11. Updating everything in Texas with a click

Imagine your shop in Texas littering with banners and hard copy posters everywhere. How hard it is to update simple content like name, prices and marketing message. You have to print everything again across your entire retail chain just to test one simple idea !

Imagine editing a box on your digital signage and your retail shop or the entire chain will reflect the changes immediately. How amazing would that be?

Not only is it cost and time efficient, you can test different ideas easily. A different message and slogan might be the difference to adding 5 to 10% profit margin for the week. And that’s a lot for a retail business !

It works especially great for restaurant, fast moving information signages for banks with different prices along the day. You can easily update a menu list for different hours of the day in a restaurant by just clicking on a mouse button.

12. Adopting signage technology and their efficiency enhances your brand  in Texas 

Anything that looks good, feel good and works great improves your Branding. Why? Because your customers will associate efficiency, reliability, sincerity and value with your brand.

You show that you care about your customers’ experiences and time with an efficient and reliable model of operation using digital signages.

Besides people are always chasing the latest trend and technology. You are telling people that your brand is now in the fore-front with the latest technology.

Your customers will subconsciously associate your brand as a top dog in your industry. This will help greatly in your sales conversion when they walk into your shop in Texas to find something

13. Automation reduces waiting time

Customers in Texas an get all the necessary information they need from the digital signage or information kiosks without waiting for anyone to help them. They can help themselves ! They can then make their decision at the fastest time and walk out if they are not buying.

This significantly reduce customers waiting time and also the traffic conditions in the shop. In the end, the shop is only left with genuine customers who want to buy something. This is a Win-win situation for the customers and your business.

14. Improved content

Nowadays, the videos, audios, animations, and photography are all high quality compared to the earlier ones.

Digital signage offers small retail businesses in Texas a chance to compete with well-established companies.

It provides a fantastic marketing platform for products whether be it outdoor digital signages for unpredictable and rugged environment or indoor digital signages for closed up environment.If you own a small retail shop, the time has come for you to take advantage the digital signage and grow your business to greater heights.

15. Delivering memorable and customised messages with your all-knowing signages

This is one of the most powerful marketing option with digital signage.

You have the option to address the customer in a specific manner using a membership system. With such system, you can track each and every customer purchase history and preferences. You know which products to recommend to each and every customer instantly ! You can cater to each customers like never before. This will be very difficult for a human salesperson to know.

If not, the custom kiosk machine can customize messages based on the preferences or background of the customers. Do a short survey for any walk-in customer and your signage will know how to talk to your customer without worrying about offending them. Sell them as much as you can.

In the end, your customer in Texas will feel happy getting what they like.

16. Everything is Easily Customizable 

We talk about customising customer-greetings earlier but really there is no limit. A Texas business can easily customize its content to target not only one but a group of specific audiences as well.

17. Save lots of money along the way  in Texas 

With all the benefits about making more money through marketing, customers acquisition, sales conversion, digital signages are really good at cutting costs as well. Cutting your expenses mean making more money ultimately.

You can stop hiring staff for repetitious work that involved in talking to the clients or channelling them to do more productive and profitable work such as promoting higher priced-items or servicing your vip customers.

They also save you money from printing all the different posters throughout regular operation and different promotion periods.

18. Let customers in Texas take photo of their new buys !

Make your customer your best sales personnel. Let them take a photo with their new buy and share it to the world.

Yes, you can turn your digital signage into a photobooth and allow them to take photos now and then upload to their social media platforms.

19. Signage entertain customers in Texas very well

Due to their large size display, they are great for “wow” entertainment. You can have human size characters talking and entertaining your customers. You can have human size characters or salespeople answering their questions. You can configure the “sales-character” to look like your customer or someone from their culture.

Animations can do everything that real-life people can’t.

This is great for keeping your customers happy or attracting them from afar.

20. Alternate source of revenue

Besides promoting your products, digital signage offers a platform where you can charge other non-competing business to market your products too. How wonderful is that?

By putting products that are complementary to your customers’ needs in Texas , they too can have a complete shopping experience to their needs.