The Flexibility of Rental Digital Signage

rental digital signage

Digital Signage is a new advertising medium that is revolutionizing the way real estate signage is displayed and managed. Rental Digital Signage gives you, the property owner or manager, the ability to display all the relevant information you need without taking up space on your main property sign. It will also reduce the cost of running your signage budget while delivering more relevant and targeted advertising content than ever before. In this article we take a look at the benefits of rental digital signage, and how it can benefit you.

What exactly is digital signage? Simply put, it is the display of media such as video, images, animations and audio within a digital display format, designed for temporary use and controlled remotely from another location. Rental digital signage is used for a wide variety of rental services from hotels to office complexes to restaurants, bars, shopping centres, airports and more. By taking full control of your advertising through a remote access connection, you can easily alter the content and remove signs at any time.

The first and obvious benefit of rental digital signage is that it gives you, the landlord, the ability to manage your property digitally. No longer do you have to print banners and posters to hand out to potential tenants – you can simply adjust the digital signage to show current offers and news from your rental agency, and contact prospective tenants directly via email, phone or online registration. No more cold calling – you can easily reach potential tenants to inform them of new offers and developments, or to promote your rental properties. If you are running an apartment complex, you could display photos of the different rooms, features and amenities – and even rent out units to those who want them.

However, it is not just the ability to digitally manage your rental property that makes rental digital signage an attractive investment. In fact, rental digital signage is rapidly becoming a standard marketing tool in the property industry. There are now dozens of companies across the country offering fully-customised rental digital signage systems, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual landlords and managers. Not only can landlords and managers use digital signage to update their property listings and property images, they can also use it to regularly update their marketing material, such as brochures and fliers.

Another advantage to rental digital signage is that it allows you to keep abreast of the latest market trends. Trends in the property market and the rental industry in particular are ever-changing. You may find that a particular feature of one property is attracting higher rents than others – or vice versa. Digital signage helps to keep you informed and provide you with insight into what is happening in the rental industry. This is especially important if you are investing in multiple rental properties, as keeping up to date with industry trends can help you make more money, avoid losses and increase profits.

Finally, rental digital signage can give you the flexibility to manage your investments in real time. Unlike a single static sign, which is impossible to see when it is not lit, rental digital signage is always on. It is displayed on your computer monitor, your television screen, your car dashboard and even your hand held phone. In addition, rental digital signage is completely mobile, so it can be placed in strategic positions around your property to draw tenants. As well, it can be remotely controlled, so you never have to worry about a company worker losing a connection, a bad connection or a live wire shorting out during the hours when you are not looking. All you have to do is program it will send you emails and messages whenever it is necessary.