What Are the 4 Digital Signage Apps on Google Play?

what are the digital signage app on google play

There are plenty of different digital signage apps available on the Google Play store. We’ll look at some of the top contenders, including OptiSigns, ScreenScape, NowSignage, and TelemetryTV. You can download the digital signage apps directly from Google Play or find them through a web search. Then, you can select the one that best suits your needs and budget. And, of course, we’ll discuss how to use them.


OptiSigns is a new digital signage application for Android that features sophisticated digital signage management. It allows you to display a variety of image, video and audio formats, including apps that bring information to screens. With OptiSigns, you can easily set up a custom playlist and schedule content to appear at various times throughout the day. This Android app is compatible with both tablets and desktops, and comes with convenient drag-and-drop functionality for easy content creation.

OptiSigns is a Houston, TX-based CMS software and digital signage services provider. The company’s software is compatible with many different hardware, including Raspberry Pi, BrightSign, Roku, and LG Commercial. It even supports Amazon Fire sticks and $30 Fire TVs. With such a wide variety of features, it’s easy to find an appropriate solution for your digital signage needs.


ScreenScape is a popular digital signage app that converts any television or monitor into a media channel. With this app, you can create custom content with drag-and-drop media editors. ScreenScape also supports integration with social media and cloud storage. And you can even stream video! But there are some caveats. Read on to learn more about this app and the pros and cons it has over the competition.

ScreenScape has two plans, one free and one paid. The free plan includes a media library and an editor for creating your own content. For more advanced features, you can upgrade to the paid plan. The paid plan has a one-time $200 fee and includes multiple screen management and media asset libraries. Both plans also have role-based access for staff members and automatic device provisioning.


NowSignage is a cloud-based digital signage CMS that allows you to upload content, schedule it to play at certain times, and manage its scheduling. You can also moderate and approve social media posts, which is great for businesses and organizations that need to maintain their presence on multiple screens. NowSignage also supports offline mode, enabling you to continue operating your digital signage even without a reliable internet connection.

Another benefit of NowSignage is its integration with Microsoft Power BI. This integration allows you to display business intelligence reports in private without making them publicly available. Plus, NowSignage will be free to all users from July 2020. You can download the app here. If you’d like to try the digital signage app now, click here. Just download the NowSignage app on Google Play and get started!


If you’ve been considering using a digital signage solution for your business, you should check out the TelemetryTV digital signage app on Google Play. This app lets you easily create and customize your own digital signage and broadcast it anywhere, even on your phone. It is cloud-based and has several useful features that make it easy to use. As an added bonus, you can also get access to live streaming video.

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You can install TelemetryTV digital signage on a Windows PC or a Mac Laptop. There are a few steps to follow, but you should start by launching the app. Once you’re ready to use it, you can set up your digital signage in three easy steps. The app has a handy pocket-sized player and displays high-resolution content. It also allows you to create playlists and schedule content. It also has a user-friendly interface that lets you manage content, schedule times, and even set up multiple screens from a single account.https://www.youtube.com/embed/icnvR3UyucE